If I could give my daughter 3 things, I would give her:
1. The wisdom to know her self-worth
2. The strength to chase her dreams
3. The ability to say ‘no’ to anything in her life that does not bring her happiness

Dawn Elaine – Wellness Coach – Improving your life

I am an Imperfect Superhero

I am an Imperfect Superhero

…and you can be your own imperfect superhero too.


I was at a party with some friends, and we were playing a game where I was faced with the task of describing myself in a dating profile. I answered:

“Okay, I’m a country girl. I have tattoos and a nose piercing. I wear funky glasses…” I knew this wasn’t the full answer. I continued:

“Wow… I am a two-times married, two-times divorced, third time engaged, 45 year old mother of three wonderful daughters, Omi of 2 grandchildren, and I have no idea who I am!!!”

This was taken lightly at the time, but it was a true reckoning moment for me. Everyone raised glasses to the humor of our lost identities, and we all continued with our night. ​

This was the moment I knew I had to surrender to the fear of getting to know myself.

Accepting and embracing my imperfections. The moment I started picking away at the protective walls I called ‘home.’ The moment I needed to forgive myself for ‘living in survival mode’ for so long, just to cope with or even, avoid my trauma.

This was the start of my journey to realize my calling: To help other women as desperate for change as I was. I didn’t let that momentary feeling of ‘I can do anything’ fade off into a laughable dream…I buckled down, became determined, and began this practice. All because I knew it was my Imperfect Superhero within shouting, “Let me out, we’ve got things to do!”​

My superhero superpowers:

  ∞ Listening to understand, not to respond
  ∞ Empowering you to make choices with your own interest valued
  ∞ Helping you realize they can say no – no is an acceptable answer
  ∞ Supporting the courage to change
  ∞ Supporting paths for change
  ∞ Being on your side – helping you value yourself!
  ∞ Drinking craft beer :)

Too often we undervalue ourselves. It does not take away from the attention, love, and roles you play in life to others, to also give yourself love, care, and support.

I am here to guide you along to your best life.

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Be Fearless

“Sometimes it’s okay to stand up and walk out. You do not need beg for respect, and if necessary, you can demand it!
…and tattoo it!”

Happiness cannot be pursued; it must ensue.

I strive to help women
who don’t feel good enough.

Do any of these resonate?

∞ Feeling stuck? Know deep down, you’re not living up to your full potential? ∞

∞ Afraid of taking risks for fear of failure? ∞

∞ Do you ‘people please’ by ignoring your personal boundaries and putting others’ wants before your needs? ∞

∞ Lower your personal standards and accept disrespect by a person in power because you don’t value yourself enough or recognize your worth? ∞

∞ Feel inadequate but appear to be envied by your peers for ‘having it all together’? ∞

∞ Find yourself in parking lots with something as basic as a coffee, just valuing the brief moment alone? ∞

∞ Feel guilty for something as simple as taking too long running errands?∞

∞ Lack authentic relationships because you no longer know who you are? ∞

∞ Try to enjoy a well-deserved bit of self-care, but can’t turn off your brain?!’ ∞

∞ Wake up and ask yourself “Is this it?” ∞

∞ Live by everyone else’s expectations rather than your dreams? ∞

∞ Do you sometimes just want to scream, “I am enough!”? ∞

I was that woman, forever chasing a non-existent happiness,

but not anymore. I have learned to make ME a priority.

And get this – I no longer feel guilty about it!

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Life Goals

Be Active, Be Healthy and Be Happy.


Stress Management

A healthy outside starts from the inside

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What you can expect from me

I will be your unbiased and supportive brainstorm partner, and ally!

As your teammate, I’m here to push you to identify your goals, needs, and desires, not simply to give you advice. It is up to you to do the work, but together we will pinpoint any obstacles or resistance to change that may be standing in your way. Yes, I am actually going to listen and help you create your own life strategies.

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. – Fred Devito

I am fun-loving, and nothing can shock me. You can expect me to hold you accountable while providing encouragement and motivation throughout your journey to becoming a better version of yourself.

“Your Imperfect Superhero”

Are you seeking a life coach who works with you to navigate a career change or to improve your business, or maybe you are starting a new health & wellness journey. Dawn is exactly who you need to speak with and start your journey with, she is approachable, personable, friendly and very helpful. She offers during your session an enthusiastic approach, with her sense of humor, empathy and patience you will feel at ease working with her. Dawn is someone who will be there to guide you through the phases that you need to accomplish to reach your personal goals. I deeply value the time we have spent together and the progress that she has helped me achieve.

Cathy B

I have been experiencing a lot of drastic changes in my life. When I came to the point where I realized that I cannot continue life in my old patterns and the way I thought it has to be, I decided to reach out for some external help. I’ve understood that I’ll need support from someone who is able to point out my blind spots.

I am a very sensitive person who needs to feel connection in order to be able to open up. When I met Dawn, I immediately knew that she is the person  that can help me grow.

Dawn built this container of trust, respect, and safety where I could share all my fears and worries. She accompanied me as a Coach for several months and I was finally able to recognize my limited beliefs, face and acknowledge my deep fears, and become clear about what I really want in my life and therefore what steps I need to take next.

Thank you, Dawn, for your patience, your big heart, and for dedicating your life to helping people become the best version of themselves.

Stephanie K

Dawn has definitely found her calling, she not only lends an ear but her compassion and determination to help you grow is remarkable.
You can tell immediately that when she is talking to you, her focus is on YOU and makes you feel comfortable and never judged.
I would not ever hesitate to recommend Dawn.

Krista M